The Name" Framed by Tee Tee" originated from its owner's (Tanisha Middleton) frame fitting experience that she gives upon purchasing. She is very adamit about making sure you buy something you absolutely love. Her motto is     “ Once you have been framed by Tee Tee, everything else just doesn’t fit the same.” Tanisha is a Dispensing Optician in New York, where her optical line actually originated. With over 14 years in the optical industry she has put frames on some famous names such as Chris Noth, Blythe Danner, Amanda Seyfreid and the most amazing Meryl Streep. She wanted to be able to style her high profile clients in something she designed. She decided to brand herself, market her ideas and share her optical knowledge. In early 2014, she knew that it was time to put her business plan in motion. She created and designed her own website. Utilizing all her previous business relationships in the optical world, she was able to open her very own online optical boutique. On the site, Tanisha offers both Men and Women eye wear as well as  some of her very OWN designs. Tanisha prides her business on customer service. She believes that an amazing shopping experience will have you wanting to come back and tell all your friends! What is for next for Framed by Tee Tee’ s future? She has recently launched her Mobile Optical Butler service program where her experienced Frame Experts are at YOUR service for all your optical needs! They come to your home, hotel or office to ensure you are obtaining the best vision care, fashionable frames and high performance lenses.